In the early autumn of 1946 Tadeusz returned to Warsaw with his mother, after they had found each other in Germany. The same year was marked by a return to the flat in Lipska Street of the composer’s father, who, convinced that his family had not survived in the German camps, had established a relationship with another woman. Consequently, Baird’s parents split up, with the divorce being confirmed by a court decree in 1954.

In Warsaw Tadeusz Baird almost immediately resumed his musical education. However, an illness of the right hand, which was a consequence of osseous tuberculosis as well as an injury sustained during the war, forced him to abandon his pianistic studies. Composition now became his goal. In October 1947 he became a student of the State School of Music in Warsaw. For three years he studied “composition and special theory” under Professor Piotr Rytel and then Professor Piotr Perkowski. In the meantime he completed his general education – in April 1948 he passed his final exams, as an extramural student, at the General Jasiński High School in Warsaw. As a “follow-up”, in 1948 he enrolled at the University of Warsaw to study musicology.

Certificate of the Institute of MusicologyCertificate of the Institute of Musicology

On top of his many activities as a student, he had to cope with his successes and obligations as a composer, which eventually dominated his life. As a result he abandoned his studies at the School of Music and the University. He did not receive his MA in composition until twenty years later (in 1973), working under the guidance of Professor Florian Dąbrowski. He never returned to musicology.

As Alina Baird recalls:

He was interested in art and philosophy in general, so when he was a student at the University, he attended various lectures, not only musicological [...] He came to a conclusion that it was not his vocation to become a musicologist, [...] he dropped out probably in his third year. Yet, he did learn something from it, [...] he learned a lot about music [...]  There were some gaps in his education, because when they took him from Warsaw, he was just 16, and in Germany he didn’t go to school, but did other things...