Little Suite for Children for piano (1952)

Little Suite for Children


Performer: Krystyna Borucińska – piano, 1975 Polish Radio

Little Suite for ChildrenLittle Suite for ChildrenLittle Suite for Children

PWM Edition

The piece was commissioned by the Ministry of Culture and Art. Its nature is didactic (the work is addressed to young pianists), a quality that has translated into numerous editions (6 editions between 1952 and 2010). The Little Suite has also been published in a version for violin and piano as well as one for chamber orchestra.

The work consists of four movements: I. Moderato, II. Andantino tranquillo, III. Allegretto grazioso, IV. Allegro giocoso. Like Baird’s two sonatinas for piano, it is marked by a traditional approach to the form and to all musical elements. Its characteristic features include folk-like melody and rhythm as well as optimistic expression.