Giocosa Overture for orchestra (1952)

Giocosa Overture /fragment/

Performers:  Wielka Orkiestra Symfoniczna Polskiego Radia w Katowicach, Stanisław Wisłocki – conductor, Katowice 1952, Polish Radio

Giocosa overtureGiocosa overture

The piece is an example of self-transcription. In it, Baird arranged the first movement of his Sonatina No. 2 for orchestra.

The Giocosa Overture is a version of its piano original syntactically expanded and enriched in terms of its colour and expression. Like the original, it has the form of a sonata allegro, is characterised by a transparent texture, a harmony still rooted in the major-minor tonality, as well as a melody with folk overtones enriched by a varied rhythm and metre, and joyful, playful expression. Such a character was suggested by the composer already in the title (giocosa). It is a composition characteristic of the neo-classical period in the development of Baird’s style.