Sonatina No. 2 for piano (1952)

Sonatina No. 2. Vivo e giocoso /excerpt/

Wykonawca: Jolanta Zajkowska-Lisicka – piano, 1975, Polish Radio

Sonatina No. 2. Andante molto e calmato /excerpt/

Jolanta Zajkowska-Lisicka – piano, 1975, Polish Radio

Sonatina No. 2. Allegro con fuoco /excerpt/

Jolanta Zajkowska-Lisicka – piano, 1975, Polish Radio

Sonatina No. 2Sonatina No. 2Sonatina No. 2

PWM Edition

The first title of the work was Concert Sonatina for piano. It won Baird the 3rd prize in the solo and chamber category at the Pre-Olympic Composers’ Competition (Warsaw, 1952). The composition is dedicated to Tadeusz Ochlewski.

Letter from Tadeusz Ochlewski

In comparison with its predecessor, Sonatina No. 2 is also based on a three-part sonata cycle, but is much longer (12’).

I. Vivo e giocoso

This is a classic sonata allegro with two contrasting themes: the first is decisive and high-spirited, the second is delicate and “sweet”.

II. Andante molto e calmato

It is an improvisation based on a beautiful, melodious nine-bar theme with highland overtones.

III. Allegro con fuoco

This section of the work (introduced attaca) has an ABA form contrasted by means of metre, tempo and rhythm.

A distinctive element of the entire composition is its motoric character. Its harmony draws on the major-minor tonality, as it is organised around the chords of D major (first movement), C minor (second movement) and C major (third movement). The melody draws on modal scales (Lydian in the first movement and Aeolian in the second and third movement). According to Baird’s intention, Sonatina No. 2 demands a performer with a child-like, joyful view of the world. 

Baird arranged the first part of Sonatina No. 2 for orchestra, writing the Giocosa Overture.